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At Choice, we view innovation as a process, not an epiphany. Innovation is an original way of meeting existing, new, or latent client needs. It might include products, services, processes, technologies, or ideas. Innovation is not about's about you. We address real-world problems and implement robust solutions to create a lasting platform for growth. Our goal is to present you with options before you even ask. We call those unsolicited value propositions (UVPs). Call Choice to determine how we can quickly improve the way you operate.

Enterprise Solutions

Our Enterprise Solutions Group is unique to the logistics industry. The charter for these technical individuals is to listen, design, and implement solutions that deliver a desired business outcome. They evaluate best practices from around the world to develop unique solutions that address your specific pain points. Areas of investigation include, but are not limited to, SLA, transportation, inventory, performance, and spend analysis. Call Choice to schedule a free whiteboard session at a location of your choosing.

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Hi-IQ Analytics

Our job is to help you stay one step ahead of the competition. One way we do this is by offering clients unparalleled visibility into both "live" orders and "historical" transactions through a common dashboard. Through a series of simple drop-down menus, Clients can look at individual or aggregated orders by geography, service, carrier, and date range. In short, we help your team make better decisions every day. Call Choice to find out how you can more actively manage your supply chain for superior results.

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Service Sync™

Service Sync™ is the first and only multi-vendor, device-agnostic GPS tracking and event-management solution for the logistics industry. Service Sync™ combines readily available technologies, such as mobile GPS tracking, mapping software, and cloud computing, in an innovative way to help companies synchronize two or more vendors to complete a specific task. Features includes real-time tracking, ETA updates, auditing, automated alerts, and two-way messaging. Call Choice to see what you've been missing.

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